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Youth Horsemanship


Helping children develop a connection and partnership with our equine friends while grooming, learning in-hand exercises and riding.



Lighting your child's pathway to being a caring, knowledgeable and independent equestrian.

  • Children partner with Keev Farm horses and ponies as they learn to care for, exercise and train.

  • Using play and games, children learn to communicate with our equine friends.

  • Explore different equine sports.



Our 1-1/2 hour small group lessons are available Monday through Saturday for $40. Why 1-1/2 hours? Because we believe that the students should have plenty of time in the barn before and after their lesson to care for their equine partner. We can easily make the lesson shorter for our youngest students with shorter attention spans. Students can ride occasionally or on a regular basis. Lessons are scheduled month-to-month and are prepaid with major credit cards, cash or checks. Discounted lesson packages are available or sibling discounts. First-time students will need to schedule an assessment lesson. Keev Farm is a small intimate facility and cannot accommodate large lesson groups.


Keev Farm Pony Camp is an opportunity to involve elementary students in pony and horse related activities. We will help campers through a variety of exercises with ponies while on the ground (in-hand), during grooming and while riding. Campers will also participate in crafts, games, barn chores and learning stations about ponies, tack and equine sports. Pony camp includes daily grooming clinics, riding lessons and in-hand exercises! Pony Camp is 4 consecutive days from 10am-5pm. No previous experience is necessary. Find out more about Keev Farm Pony Camps on the "Events" tab or select the link below.


Keev Farm hosts a variety of unmounted and mounted workshops targeted toward youth that are interested in working with our horses or ponies or that want to haul-in their own horse. Workshops vary from beginner groom clinics to more experienced playdates in our outdoor equine playground. Find out more about upcoming workshops on the "Events" tab or select the link below.


Stay tuned for future events hosted by Keev Farm in our large outdoor sand arena.

Keev Farm


Our mission at Keev Farm is to help children develop a connection and partnership with our equine friends using good horsemanship habits on the ground and in the saddle. Keev Farm offers a variety of learning opportunities for experienced children and those new to horses and ponies, including lessons, camps, workshops and events. Our experienced horses and ponies contribute to the learning success of the children. Aside from learning basic communication and riding skills, our exercises on the ground and in the saddle often teach children patience, empathy, hard work, teamwork, perseverance, cooperation, compromise, and friendship.

Our Shetland ponies (42"-45" at the withers) are perfect partners for building the confidence in our young handlers. Our team also includes Arabian horses for children comfortable handling a taller teammate.  Keev Farm is the perfect place to introduce your child to the world of horses and gain confidence and connection in a variety of riding disciplines, including Hunter, Dressage, and Western.



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